If you are starting a business as part of your new years’ resolution, 你需要一个网站. But maybe you don’t know where to begin and need some assistance in going in the right direction; do not fear, 这篇文章将帮助你做好“前期准备”,你需要做的是让你的新网站开始!


Does your company have certain branding guidelines that it must abide by? If so, then you will need to ensure that your new website follows these guidelines. 品牌的重要元素包括公司的标志、配色方案和字体(字体).

保持专业的外表, 永远记住,你所有的营销材料应该始终遵循你公司的品牌指导方针. This should have been established prior to building a website or designing any print materials; once you have established your company’s color scheme and typography, 然后你要确保你的网站与任何其他营销材料(如名片), 宣传册, and flyers) are all consistent with these branding elements.


Take a look at this real-world example from our client, Stone Cold Meats in League City, TX. Notice how both their website and their business card designs both use the same colors and fonts.

看看竞争对手的网站! 你们的新网站能比他们的更好吗?

不,这不是作弊或偷窃! 研究你的竞争对手,看看他们的网站用什么来吸引关注,然后找出最适合他们的. 但不要简单地复制他们做的一切,并应用到你的网站(这将是偷窃!); instead, think about how you can make their methods better when you use them on your own website.

看看他们的几个页面,看看你是否可以找出是什么让这些页面看起来有吸引力,并可能转化为成功的销售. 在这一点上, 开始思考如何让你的网站打败你的竞争对手,让他们的客户转而选择你的公司!

What are the individual pages of your new website going to be?

Your new website should contain at the minimum five pages, 因为这是大多数网站的典型做法,虽然不是必须的(一个网站可以有多少页面是必要的). Think about what pages will make up your new website such as the 首页 page, 关于10bet十博官网中文登陆, 服务, 联系, 等. Once you have decided on what each page’s title is going to be, 画一个类似于下图的流程图:


Use the 首页 page as the main box of your chart, then below it start drawing more empty boxes. These empty boxes will contain the names of the other pages within your new website. Assign one box per page and write the name of said pages in their own box; draw arrows extending out of the 首页 page box and have one arrow each pointing to the subsequent boxes.

然后, 在每页框的下方画另一个框,用一条线连接这两个边(见上面的例子). In these boxes, write down what items/features will be appearing on these pages.

What you have just drawn is the map of your new website, simply known as a sitemap. A sitemap outlines your new website by its hierarchy and in this version, 包括它的特性.

一旦你完成了这个练习, you will have a clear idea of how your website will be structured.

Once You Have Your Page Titles, Start Creating Their Content

你的新网站不能有空白页面,对吧? 在这一点上, you need to start writing content for each page. Open Microsoft Word or a similar program and start writing every paragraph and sentence that will go on each page; we recommend downloading and installing 免费的Grammarly插件 for Word that will help you avoid spelling and grammatical errors.

写内容的时候, it is important to keep Search Engine Optimization or SEO in mind; if your content is not optimized properly, then you cannot expect your new website to be found on Google or any other major search engines. 10bet十博官网中文登陆建议你去看看 本指南 了解更多关于正确优化内容的信息.

记住你的目标关键字(当人们搜索你的时候,你想被发现的关键字), as well as your headings and titles as these are very important in terms of SEO.

Make sure that you have a good balance of pictures, graphics, and text. 太多的文字会让读者感到厌烦,而太多的图片和照片会让读者不知所措,可能会导致他们在浏览你的网站时错过他们正在寻找的信息.

Every photo you use should have your target keyword in its file name; when you have your target keyword in your file name it makes it easier for people to find you when performing an image search on any search engine. 例如,看看下面这张照片:


假设你刚开了一家披萨店, and you want to use this beautiful photo of a fresh pizza on your home page. 在你把它放到你的网站之前, you will want to first give it a filename that contains your keywords in it. The filename is the name of the file as it resides on your computer, and you can change it by right-clicking on it and selecting Rename (on both Mac and Windows).

For this example, a good name for it would be: fresh-pizza-on-table.jpg. 如果你做一个谷歌图像搜索“新鲜披萨”,那么这个图像将有一个很好的机会出现,因为准确的关键字出现在文件名中. Bonus points if you add your location in the file name as well.

例如, 如果你的披萨店在达拉斯, 那么你只需将文件命名为“fresh-pizza-dallas-tx”.jpg”. 确保用连字符分隔文件名中的每个单词,因为如果关键字被捆绑在一起,谷歌将无法识别关键字(例如. “freshpizzadallastx.JPG”).

在为你的新网站选择照片时, 确保你只使用你拥有或有权限使用的照片(如果你被发现使用了你不拥有或没有权限使用的照片), 你可能会被它原来的主人告上法庭). You can find plenty of photos for free with no permission required at Pixabay.com; however, using too many stock photos can sometimes create an unprofessional image of your company. 试着用你的手机或相机拍一些照片,或者考虑雇佣一个专业的摄影师.

All photos and graphics must be crystal clear, as many modern displays such as 苹果的视网膜显示器 render images at high quality; if your photos and graphics are not crisp enough, 在使用这种技术的设备上(比如许多现代imac和iphone),它们可能会出现像素化。.

也, make sure that you have an editable version of your company’s logo ready for your website as well; editable versions are usually in formats such as EPS, 人工智能(Adobe Illustrator), PSD (Adobe Photoshop), 或CDR(平面设计). 如果您没有您的标志的可编辑版本, 你的标志设计师将能够为你提供一个.

Set up a domain and web hosting (your new website’s home on the internet)

10bet十博官网中文登陆以前写 一篇关于为贵公司选择域名的文章; please go and check it out for more details on how to choose one properly. 事实上, 你应该在读完这篇文章后马上去阅读它,因为它包含了一些重要的技巧,可以帮助你明智地选择!

在选择你的域名之后,然后下一个, you are going to need to find a hosting platform to give your new website a home on the internet. 10bet十博官网中文登陆建议你去看看 HostGator, Bluehost, or WP引擎 as these hosting platforms offer the best reliability and value!

For more information on choosing a web hosting company, we recommend that you read 这篇文章 为进一步阅读.


50%浏览互联网的人是移动用户, so it is important that your website looks great on both desktop and mobile; however, 它在移动设备上的表现是最重要的. When collecting graphics and photos to use on your new website, make sure they will look nice when they are placed in the website.

例如, avoid pixelated graphics or photos that are too large to fit into a mobile screen. 然而, 如果你觉得照片太大,手机屏幕放不下,也要记住,如果你使用WordPress的话, 你将使用一个平台,根据用户的屏幕大小调整你的照片(这被称为响应式网页设计).

It is also possible to serve certain pieces of content exclusively to desktop and mobile users as well; for example, 使用WordPress的Elementor页面构建器插件 you can set which pieces of content will appear on desktop or mobile devices only. 你的网站上有长长的横向横幅吗? 设置那些只出现在桌面设备上,并让你的设计师创建相同横幅的垂直版本,只显示在移动设备上.

也, remember to NEVER EVER use Adobe Flash content for any reason. It has not been compatible with mobile devices for many years, 许多桌面浏览器不再支持它. 此外, Adobe已于2020年12月停止使用Flash 正式标志着这个平台的终结(并敦促所有安装了Flash插件的人将其从他们的电脑上删除).


现在您已经读完了本文, you should now have a good understanding of how to get your new website started. 如果你准备好了去做一个全新的网站, 请立即与10bet十博官网中文登陆联系,10bet十博官网中文登陆将进一步协助您. Click the button below and get a FREE consultation with no obligations!

*Please note that we may collect a commission for any hosting products mentioned in 这篇文章. 谢谢您的理解!